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Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle

Recently I’ve been trying to achieve two things, drink more water (to combat fatigue and headaches), and use less plastic. I’m not doing too badly, and in fact one way to achieve both is to use a reusable water bottle. I have several that I keep at work and home and they are definitely helping.

With these goals in mind, I was very excited when I heard about the Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle, which is currently running a kickstarter campaign to bring it to market. The team behind the product, Root7, carried out a survey and found that people would be more inclined to use a reusable bottle if they loved it. So the team have set about creating something that I personally know I would heart, and I’m sure others would too.

The super-fun hydration bottle is coated with a specially developed and oh-so clever colour paint, which allows you to keep track of how much you are drink by changing colour. The bottle is white, until you fill it up with water, and ta-da, it changes colour (you can choose to buy purple, peach or blue). As you drink the water, the empty sections of the warmer air return the bottle back to white, so you can easily see how much and how often you are hydrating. This handy gif demonstrates:

Each Chameleon comes with a free sun jacket, made from tear resistant silicone which protects from bumps and scratches and harmful UV rays. The jacket is removable so can use it as and when you want to. According to the team the jacket will prolong your bottles life and keep you away from consuming single-use plastics.   

For £11 you can back this Kickstarter campaign and get your hands on a Chameleon bottle before they start general production. A great chance to be a trendsetter and support the movement away from plastic bottles, reducing the number of these sent to landfills each year, which currently stands at a shocking 38 billion.

Join the fight against plastic and support the Chameleon by backing the campaign here:

Chameleon Colour Changing Bottle Kickstarter Campaign


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