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Candle Gift Ideas for 2021

We’re half way into 2021 now, which clearly means it’s time to start getting excited about the autumnal months to come. Nothing makes autumn cosier and more welcoming than candlelight, so consider a candle-related gift for your loved ones this year. Whether they’re mad for the atmosphere, obsessed with the scents, love True Pheromones infused candles for the sense of confidence they instill, or simply a magic practiser, here are a few candle gift ideas for 2021.

Let’s dive right in.

Candle Subscription

Certain brands offer a subscription service that might be the perfect thing for your loved one. Every month, a new candle can be delivered to their door, truly a gift that keeps on giving. You can make a selection of sizes as well as how long you want the subscription to be – usually either 6 months or 12 months.

This is the perfect gift for someone who is usually too busy to go out shopping for themselves. Every month they can get a reminder from you that it’s time to chill out and relax.

Candle Accessories

Candle accessories are a unique way to show your candle lover that you appreciate their passions. You may even be getting them something they don’t yet have! More obscure candle-related gifts can be found in gifts like wick trimmers. A nice pair of wick trimmers can be used to keep their selection of candles in good condition.

Another fun candle accessory is candle holders. Go fancy with something ornate like silver candlesticks if it’s a special occasion, or you can opt for something more earthy like wooden candle holders if your recipient is someone more interested in all things natural.

Candle Making Kit

Does your loved one have a creative streak? If so, the perfect candle gift idea for them this year is a candle making kit. It’s a great gift for someone with some time on their hands – it could also be a gift you can partake in together, a date night gift perhaps. This might be a good one to save until Christmas, when the whole family is together and can spend an afternoon crafting together.

There are heaps of options at different price points, and enough scents available that you’re sure to find something you’ll both like.

Match Striker

This is another type of candle accessory, but one with a lot of versatility as far as being a piece of home décor. Match strikers can be made out of a huge variety of materials with glass, concrete, and stone being very popular examples. Another benefit of the match striker is that its shape and size is also very varied.

The most popular design is similar to a glass bottle; you fill the inside with your matches, and then when you need to light one you strike it on the side of the bottle and voila – you have fire! This is a great gift for anyone who needs to keep their matches at hand.

The Perfect Bath Set-Up

If you’re looking to get on their good books, go all the way with the perfect bath setup for their next gift. At least two candles will be required, whether you go for a luxury brand or some candlesticks that you then fancy up with nice holders. Combine these with some nice matches and a selection of bath salts, bath bombs, and other bubble bath products.

The icing on the cake for this gift idea is a nice bathrobe. You can go for a fluffy, soft option, or equally you could strike a practical balance and gift a bathrobe made with towel fabric – perfect for putting on straight after the bath.

Even the hardest outer shell can be melted with the right scents and the perfect candle. Consider a candle-related gift for someone you love this year – we could all do with a nice moment of relaxation, and a candle is a great way to get the message across that you care about them.

Happy gifting!


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