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Blue Coffee Box review: delicious coffee to your door

I regularly share on my blog updates on my coffee obsession. Not only do I love the taste of coffee, it perks me up when I super tired. Which is a lot of the time as a toddler mama! So I’m back with a new coffee post, my Blue Coffee Box review.

I’m always keen to try new coffees as I love discovering new flavours and growers. So when Blue Coffee Box, a luxury coffee subscription, offered me a box to review, I was thrilled.

New discoveries

Blue Coffee Box are on a mission to say no to bad coffee! They want to ensure every coffee we drink at home rivals that of your local coffee shop. So Blue Coffee Box collate coffee from all over the world. This is then shipped to the UK and roasted by a number of carefully selected roasters.

The subscription box then arrives to your door. Bringing top grade coffee to the comfort of your home. You can choose from beans or ground. We have a coffee machine with an integral grinder (best thing ever!) so I chose coffee beans. If you choose ground, they are ground just before dispatch for maximum freshness.

Blue Coffee Box review
Blue Coffee Box review

Sustainable and ethical

As well as professing my love of coffee, my blog is where I share my journey to a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Blue Coffee Box fits right in with this.

All of their coffees are ethically sourced directly from farmers and local cooperatives. By buying directly, the farmers will earn around 30% more than the Fairtrade price. Which then provides them with more financial stability.

Prices start at £15.49 per month for a subscription box. You can also buy a single bag for £7.99, which is perfect for topping up your supplies.

Letterbox friendly

Another bonus point for Blue Coffee Box; it fits through your letterbox. I love getting parcels. But hate it if they are left outside (always behind my bin, yuk) or I have to collect them. Hurrah for letterbox sized deliveries!

I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to try this coffee. As it is delicious. You can taste the quality and love that has gone into it. The two coffees I received are:

  • Posses Coffee from Brazil, roasted by Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters
  • Anasora Guji from Ethiopia, roasted by John Watt Coffee Roasters

I am particularly partial to African coffee as I think it offers really unique flavours. So these beans from Ethiopia are a big hit; a perfect blend of mellow and fragrant, with enough strength to withstand the lashings of milk I subject my coffee to!


Hopefully I have expressed how fabulous Blue Coffee Box is. And here’s some great news, I have a box to giveaway to one lucky reader. They will get two full size coffee bags, beautifully presented and with tasting notes to accompany your delicious roasts.

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Good luck!



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