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Black Farmer Pulled Pork sausages

Being a strong advocate of the humble British banger, I’m always keen to look for sausages that meet my high expectations. I tend to be picky when shopping for sausages, and only choose those with very high meat content, which means buying certain brands or a trip to a butchers.

The Black Farmer range has been on my approved list for some time, so when I heard about a new product they were offering, I was keen to give it a go.

Straightaway I was impressed with the ingredients of the new Pulled Pork flavour sausages – 80.5% meat content is impressive. With some sausages falling around the 50% mark, this is streets ahead. It was also great to see that the pork used is outdoor bred. While it feels somewhat hypocritical for a meat-eater to want a better life for animals that will ultimately end up on their plate, for me, ethical animal treatment is important.

It’s also notable that the Pulled Pork flavour sausages and the other sausages in the Black Farmer range are all gluten-free. I know it can be difficult (and expensive) to buy GF, so it is positive to see a high-profile brand championing gluten-free.

Well that’s the background, but we all know the proof is in the eating.

I decided to keep it simple and try the sausages as a classic hotdog. I felt this was the best way to judge the pulled pork flavour and the quality of the sausage, without hiding it under gravy and mash, or similar. As a classic hotdog kinda-gal, I topped with ketchup and mustard. I did tuck a few jalapenos into one of my dogs just for a bit of extra bite.

And I was impressed. The sausage grilled nicely without too much smoking or fat spitting, and didn’t shrivel up to nothing as some bangers can. The smoky barbeque taste was enjoyable without being overpowering, aPulled Pork sausagesnd is a well-thought out combination of flavours. I was also impressed with how succulent the sausages remained (I have a thing about overly-dry food, just ask my long-suffering husband!).

I think they would be sublime on a BBQ and certainly make a nice alternative to the traditional recipe. I’m not ready to completely trade in my classic bangers just yet though, but I’m looking forward to trying these out again in the near future and they have passed my sausage scrutiny test with flying colours.

The smoky flavours were very comforting and uplifting on a cold winter’s day, and made me think about other recipes that give you that warm feeling. Take a look at my Cosy Toes Spiced Apple Juice recipe that will hopefully make you say ‘aaahhh’…

The Black Farmer Pulled Pork Sausages are available at Sainsbury and other supermarkets, priced at £3 per pack of 6. I was sent a pack free of charge in order to complete this review. As always, my views on my blog remain my own and are not influenced by the provision of free products. 

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