Benefits of drying your washing outside
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Benefits of drying your washing outside: 8 great reasons

Drying your washing outside offers a number of benefits. From hygiene to energy saving, there are lots of advantages, which is why I’ve embraced it lately. Even if you don’t have a huge outdoor space, there are still some good solutions to make it work for you. A retractable line is a good option, in we’ve just fitted one on our patio. Ours is from Rope Source; a one stop shop for all manner of ropes, twines and beyond. Retractable lines can easily be put away when you need the space for something else.

8 benefits of drying your washing outside

  1. Better hygiene – UV helps to bleach and disinfect laundry, getting rid of any bacteria the washing machine hasn’t killed.
  2. Save money – tumble dryers are expensive to run. A new clotheslines and pegs costs under a tenner and won’t cost anything during the drying process.
  3. Reduce energy consumption – not using a dryer or your heating saves gas or electricity.
  4. Fresher smell – you do not need to use chemical scents to get that extra fresh smell when you dry outside.
  5. Longer lasting clothes – tumble drying is really bad for clothes. It causes strain, and can ruin some fabrics.
  6. Exercise – hanging up the washing actually burns calories, hurray!
  7. Reduced humidity – drying washing inside creates excess moisture and humidity. This can contribute to snuffly noses and make allergies worse for sufferers (such as dust allergies).
  8. Time outside – being outside for even 10 minutes can promote calmness and help you feel more relaxed.

If you can’t use an outside line, I have found that drying your washing next to an open window will reap some of these benefits too. Rope Source sell clothes airers too!

Let me know if you love your washing line too!


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