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Beauty sleep: fact or fiction?

You’ve probably heard the expression “beauty sleep” more times than you can remember, and although most people have written it off as an old wives’ tale, medical science has proven that there really is such a thing. How much sleep you require to keep your skin soft and vibrant may vary from person to person, but as a rule of thumb, most doctors agree that 7 hours is a good number. So, what do we know about how sleep affects how you look and feel?

Sleep Is Restorative

One thing we do know for certain is that the body heals best during periods of deep sleep. Much has been written on the subject and so it stands to reason that if sleep promotes healing, it would also offer skin cells damaged during the course of the day a chance to repair and heal themselves. A good place to learn the basics of how sleep promotes healing is on the Web MD website.

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A Few Healing Processes of Note

During sleep, a number of biological processes are heightened. We know for a fact that blood flow improves during sleep and this brings oxygen to cells throughout the body. Nothing rejuvenates the skin quite like oxygen, so if you want to look your best, aim to get a good night’s rest each and every night. Also, you should know that the body produces greater amounts of collagen while resting, and collagen is what keeps your skin supple and smooth.

Many people who struggle to sleep are turning to natural remedies to help them unwind and relax at bed time. One such remedy is products containing hemp extracts. If you are interested in these particular products, make sure you buy from a reputable supplier such as, so that you can be sure that they will be of top quality. 

The Eyes Tell It All

You can always spot someone who hasn’t had enough sleep just by looking at their eyes. They may be bloodshot and extremely puffy. You may notice dark or red circles under their eyes and they lack that clarity of someone who is well rested. This is me a lot of the time!

Tips for Getting That ‘Beauty Sleep’ You Require

While you may only require 6 hours sleep when your BFF needs 8 hours, the point is that you both must do whatever you can to get the rest you need. Choose the best mattress you can find that offers the right amount of support to keep you soundly sleeping throughout the night. Some people find ultra-soft mattresses most relaxing while others need a mattress that is quite firm. Check out mattress buying guides on sites like The Mattress Nerd to get ideas on how to find the right mattress for your specific needs. You can find their very helpful guide here:

Now you know that there really is such a thing as beauty sleep and it wasn’t just something your parents told you to coerce you into getting to bed at a reasonable hour! If you want to look and feel your best, sleep your best. The two really do go hand in hand.

What are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep?


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