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Afternoon Tea at Rofuto

If you’re a previous visitor to my blog you’ll no doubt have discovered that I, like many people, am rather partial to a spot of afternoon tea. There is something about adding an extra meal in between lunch and supper that appeals to me, especially when that meal is filled with sweet and savoury delights.

So when I was invited to partake in a tasting of the new Japanese afternoon tea at one of Birmingham’s top spots (reputation and height), Rofuto, how could I possibly say no?


Leaving my little one with my husband for the afternoon, I donned my stretchy jeans ready to overindulge in some tasty treats. Having not yet visited Rofuto, I was impressed with the beautiful Japanese décor, and of course, the view. You really do get a sense of Birmingham’s extensive green space when you’re peering down from the top floor of the Park Regis hotel.


Rofuto’s afternoon tea comes with the option of free-flowing prosecco, which we were offered upon arrival. It would have been rude to turn it down (ahem) so I indulged in a glass while checking out what was in store on the menu. The prosecco was just the right level of dry for me and the perfect complement to the sweet treats that lay ahead.



There is also tea and coffee available; I opted for a decaf coffee which was very thoughtfully presented. The coffee arrived on a wooden tray with an individual sugar bowl – lovely not to have to lean across the table to reach for a sugar lump. I’m also pleased to report this was a delicious decaf coffee. Sometimes they can be a bit ropey compared to their caffeinated counterparts, yet this was anything but.


20171027_144020After some nice time chatting to the other bloggers at the event, the three-tiers of loveliness arrived. You can see on the menu photo everything on offer, which I won’t list as it’s quite extensive. Instead, I’ve picked out a few of my personal highlights:

Coronation chicken bao buns – what a novel idea to pair classic English afternoon tea with a Japanese twist. The bao bun was so soft, it almost melted in your mouth, while the coronation chicken was creamy and flavourful. Definitely a winner for me.


Avocado nigiri – I love avocado and always have. Sometimes you find that they can be under-ripe in sushi and therefore tasteless, but this was perfect. There was also a generous amount compared to the rice, so you truly got the avocado flavour coming through. I dipped mine into the soy sauce provided, which I really enjoyed as it wasn’t overly salty which I find with many soy sauces. Delicious.


Mango, coconut sesame roll – As a mango and coconut fan, this was a perfect treat for me. The sweetness of the mango with the bite of the coconut was an absolute delight, like a tropical holiday wrapped up in a dessert. Yummy.


I also want to pay tribute to the inclusion of the classic scone, which is always a favourite of mine – particularly when smothered in clotted cream. Rofuto serve theirs with strawberry jam or for the more adventurous, lemongrass curd. I again thought this was a lovely twist on the traditional afternoon tea treats.


I would highly recommend Rofuto’s afternoon tea, especially for those looking for something that little bit different. I thought the food was delicious and so wonderfully presented, which for me is all part and parcel of an afternoon tea. The view, ambience and attentive service are all icing on the (bitesize) cake.

Afternoon tea at Rofuto is £25 per person or £35 per person if you want to include the free-flowing prosecco (go on, you know you want to).

Thanks to Tara and the team at East Village PR for inviting me to sample the afternoon tea at Rofuto, where food and drink was provided free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always my reviews are honest and are not influenced by the provision of free products. 

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