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A review of the Writer’s Job Newsletter

If you love writing, it is such a great skill to utilise to make money. Whether you focus on it as a full-time freelancer, or it is part of your multiple-income streams, it can be incredibly rewarding. But it can also be hard to find work sometimes. It can be very time-consuming to look for opportunities, even before you’ve got onto the pitching, the writing and the editing.

Focus on freelancing

With my daughter now starting school, I am looking to pick up some freelance writing work to boost the income I make from my other part-time roles. So it was great timing when I discovered the The Writer’s Job Newsletter. Launched in 2021, this newsletter collates the best-paid freelance writing and content opportunities currently available.

I’ve pitched for freelance work before but never really got my business off the ground. So with a renewed focus, and The Writer’s Job Newsletter to help me, I’m excited about a fresh future.

A review of the Writer's Job Newsletter

What to expect

Once you sign up, the newsletter will be sent to your inbox every Sunday. It landed on your inbox every Sunday filled with remote writing jobs that writers can apply for. I love that the opportunities are so varied, covering lots of niches and topics. There are also one-off pieces or longer term arrangements so you can find what suits your needs.

Here’s a general overview of the content:

  • Writing competitions with prizes attached
  • Fully remote writing jobs
  • Social media calls to pitch
  • Freelance writing opportunities

Hopefully this has shown you what a great resource The Writer’s Job Newsletter is to have in your life. You can sign up on their website and their Twitter feed has a steady flow of opportunities (and witty tweets) too.

I hope it helps you to secure paid writing work that is rewarding. Thank you to Della for working so hard on the newsletter and supporting fellow writers 🙂


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