Food Time

Life is better when you live it in full flavour

Anyone who has visited my blog before (firstly, thanks for coming back, secondly, welcome to anyone new!) will see that I’ve had a bit of an update of the page. I felt that the old look was a bit clunky and I wanted something a bit more modern and fresh. I’m a sucker for lots of white space and large photographs!

I hope you find the new layout easy to read and navigate. I’d welcome any feedback to let me know what you think about it, including any ideas for improvement.

As for the name, I decided that having kitchen in the title (as per my previous name) was a bit misleading; after all, while I thoroughly enjoy cooking and creating recipes in my cosy kitchen, I do love a good meal out. Also, my husband and I are keen explorers of the globe, both here in the UK and abroad, and food is a big feature of our travels. So I decided on a name change as well.

After all, life is better when you live in full flavour!

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