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Foodie Finds: Henny & Joe’s Chocolate Chai

When it comes to hot drinks coffee used to be my go-to, but as I’m pregnant and need to limit my caffeine intake, I’ve been exploring different options for the past few months. I’ve always loved chai drinks but find many on the market can be overly-sweet, so when I discovered Henny & Joe’s Chocolate Chai, which is caffeine-free, I was keen to give it a try.

Henny & Joe’s Chocolate Chai is a syrup infusion that can be added to hot milk (of any variety) or hot water to make a chai drink, or alternatively used in baking, cocktails or milkshakes. I was immediately pleased  that it uses all natural ingredients, primarily spices, including cinnamon, ginger, all spice and vanilla. The blend of ingredients is used in Henny & Joe’s classic chai syrup, and then chocolate is added to create their latest infusion.

I wanted to try it as a warm drink first so I heated a mug of milk (I used the simple method of microwaving) and added two tablespoons of the Chocolate Chai. The bottle recommends adding one or two, but I was feeling in an indulgent mood. I used my aerolatte to froth the milk, and left it to cool for a few minutes before giving it a try.


The rich and warm flavour of the spices instantly hit me, with the chocolate adding an even-deeper taste. I loved that it wasn’t overly sweet, with the spices really coming through rather than sugar, which  I have found with other mass-market chai drinks. It came together as a delicious drink and I also found it a very soothing flavour compared to the zing you get from coffee. For me it was the perfect drink to wind-down after a busy day.

I also tried out the syrup with cold milk as a sort of milkshake and while I enjoyed it, the hot version was the winner for me.

I would definitely recommend Henny & Joe’s to any chai fans, or anyone looking for an alternative to caffeinated drinks. It’s also a great product for those who want to embrace more natural food and drink, as many of the flavoured hot drinks on the market contain a lot of additives.

As an added bonus, Henny & Joe’s cares about the environment and sustainability, reducing waste wherever possible and using recycled cardboard for their packaging. They also work with exclusively with independent companies, which is lovely to see that Ash the founder, is supporting other growing businesses.

You can buy Henny & Joe’s Chocolate Chai and the classic Chai Masala over on their website, where you will also find some recipes including the syrups, which look yummy.

Do you love Chai?

Thank you to Henny & Joe’s for sending me a bottle of Chocolate Chai for this review. As always my reviews are honest and are not influenced by the provision of free products. 


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