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Musings: My top picks from last week

Last week I once again tried out some more new foodie items and revisited a few old favourites. Here are my top picks from the cosy kitchen:

Drink Me Chai Latte

This Drink Me Chai Latte has long been a favourite of mine as a delicious alternative to tea and coffee. It’s 99% caffeine free so it’s great if you’re trying to cut down on, or can’t have, caffeine. I think other brands do sell Chai Latte but as this one is so yummy I’ve not looked for an alternative. It is very sweet, so it might not be for everyone, but if you enjoy Chai Latte this is my top pick for making it at home.

There are several flavours including caramel but the classic spiced is my favourite. Prices vary but most supermarkets including Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury sell it at £2.

PS the mug was a gift from my mum, I love it!

Geo Bars

I knew about Geo Bars from my best friend who buys a lot of Fair Trade food, but I hadn’t tried them until recently. I was in Waitrose looking for some cereal bars or equivalent to keep in my handbag (I get hungry very quickly and if I don’t eat something I get a headache) and spotted these on offer. I don’t think I would have bought them ordinarily but I’m glad I did because they are fab! They’re a bit sugary so more of a treat than a healthy snack, but the taste and quality were both superb. The berries really livened up the bar and were a nice alternative to chocolate chips.

I would highly recommend these! It’s also a lovely brand to support as they are a leading Fair Trade company which is a noble initiative to producers from around the world a fairer price for their produce.

Cauldron Cumberland Sausages

This is another inspiration from my bestie! She’s a vegetarian and I love that when we have meals together I get to try lots of Yummy cauldron sausage and egg muffininteresting veggie food. These veggies sausages are yummy, very different to other brands which I just don’t find comparable to eating the real deal. While these don’t taste like meaty sausages, they have a really firm texture and peppery taste which I think makes them delicious. Perfect for a brunch muffin with a fried egg (tried and tested, as shown in my snap!). If you’re a vegetarian, or just fancy a change, these are definitely worth a try. And, at 150 calories per 2 sausages and 0.7g of saturated fat, they’re a healthy alternative as well.

That’s it from the cosy kitchen for now! Have you discovered any exciting new foods this week?


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