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Musings: my top five from my cosy kitchen

Seeing as this blog is all about the kitchen, I thought it was only fair to show you around a little bit. Instead of taking room photos I’ve picked a couple of key items that I love, so here goes!

Vintage style cereal tins

I found these lovely old-school style Frosties tins in Home & Bargains and as I hate having half open cereal boxes on the shelves (firstly they’re messy, secondly the cereal always goes soggy) these were the perfect solution. To be honest the tins aren’t the best quality but living on the shelf they don’t take much punishment so they suited what we need perfectly, and only cost about £3 each. I love a good bargain 🙂

Thai beer holders

If you’ve seen my previous post on our trip to Thailand you’ll know that we grew very fond of Thai beers Chang and Singha during our holiday. Because it’s so humid in Thailand, every time you order a beer it comes in one of these fab beer holders to stop your hand getting wet from the condensation. A pretty nifty idea I think! We picked these up from the market in Khao Lak as we thought they’d be a lovely reminder of our Thai holiday (although sadly it never gets hot enough in the UK to truly need a beer holder!).

Cookbook corner

As this photo shows I love recipe books, although this is only about a third of what I own! My shelf was so full I had to spread onto the windowsill, but I really like the way the cookbooks look on there. Plus they are super handy when I just want to have a quick flick through for something new or remind myself of a recipe. There are a few themes emerging at the moment; plenty of Thai cookbooks (sorry, another excuse there to go on about Thailand) and two new burger recipe books that my husband got for Christmas. Look out for burger recipes coming soon.

My all time favourite cookbook is BBC Good Food Fish and Seafood. I swear by their pad thai recipe and cook from the other recipes in the book at least one a week. You can buy the book for yourself for a few pounds on Amazon; I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new range of simple and tasty fish meals.


It’s always time for wine!

My husband spotted this clock when we were shopping before Christmas and seeing as it was in the sale in BHS, we snapped it up! The red colour and vintage feel compliment our kitchen nicely and we thought it added a bit of fun to our kitchen.

Wine rack

This fits in rather well with the clock! Sadly our wine rack is looking very sorry for itself at the moment. We finished our wine over Christmas and in an attempt to be thrifty in January we are yet to replenish it. Well, we did buy a bottle in the shopping last week but it went straight into the fridge and then our tummies, so it didn’t even grace the shelf! I’m looking forward to filling it up again and having lots of choice of delicious vinos.

Thanks for taking a look around my cosy kitchen! What are your favourite items in your kitchen?


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