Taste of Thailand

I was lucky enough to recently have a two week holiday in Thailand with my lovely husband, where aside from the great weather, lovely beaches and fantastic shopping, the food is most certainly a highlight. After two weeks of trying a huge range of different foods I found it quite hard to readjust to the food back home as I think the different flavours in Thai cooking, in my opinion, make it the tastiest cuisine in the world!

A couple of favourites included pad thai, red, green and yellow thai curries, massaman curry, and a lot of fresh (the freshest I have ever had) seafood. I’ve always been a huge fan of cooking Thai food as well and over the next few months I’m hoping to try out a few new recipes, so watch this space.

As well as the food, Thai beer is delicious. I don’t think there is anything that can beat a cold Chang (although my husband’s vote goes for Singha) on a humid night in Thailand. Luckily, Tesco sells Chang so I have been able to keep on enjoying the taste of Thailand, minus the warm weather and glorious beaches though!

Top Thailand Tip – if you’re fortunate enough to be heading to Bangkok make sure you seek out Krua Apsorn. The owners have a few branches, we went to the branch closest to the Khao San Road and Democracy Monument. Try the crab omelette – it sounds like it shouldn’t work but it 100% does (my mouth is watering thinking about it…)!



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