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10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity

Lockdown may be easing, but for our family some of the new habits and skills we have developed will definitely be here to stay. From baking to crafting, gardening to colouring, we’ve had fun exploring activities that you can easily do from home.

Here are 10 activities to inspire creativity, whether you’re able to go out or not. Perhaps you just want a quiet day at home or want to enjoy some family activities that everyone of all ages can get involved in.

1. Expand your cookery skills

I’ve never been the best baker, preferring to make savoury dishes, so lockdown has been a good time to explore new recipes. By choosing something simple, my daughter has been able to get involved too. If you have a tried and tested recipe, you could update it with a new ingredient. My little one loves doing this and is really good at it for someone so young, she recently suggested adding walnuts into a cake and it was delicious!

2. Have an at home disco

Dancing can be so much fun, it is a great way to let you hair down and go with the flow. We like to turn off the lights and put some changing colour lights on (we use YouTube on our smart TV) so it feels like a disco. Get some music blasting out and everyone will have a good time.

3. Make your own greetings cards

Cards have become a big deal in lockdown as its one of the few physical ways to keep in touch with people (there are only so many conversations on zoom to be had!). They show someone you care, are thinking of them, and have taken the time to send them a little something.

To add an even more personal touch you could try making your own. By using the freebies from Font Bundles you can download lots of different typography for free. You can then either design these into a card and print them out, or if you have an electronic cutting machine you could create even more elaborate designs.

4. Create wall art

Text art is so popular now, and it can sometimes be expensive to buy. So why not make you own? You can also use the freebies from Font Bundles for this activity. Download one of their free, attractive fonts, find a slogan you like, design an A4 or A3 picture and print it. Add a frame and hey presto, a cost-effective, yet beautiful piece of wall art.

5. Get gardening

Even if it just planting a few sunflower seeds (sunflowers are pretty easy to grow) gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and explore nature. It’s lovely to see the flowers coming into bloom and the colours can be really inspirational.

6. Do some colouring

Colouring is a great activity whatever age you are. It’s a lovely way to spend time together, either colouring on the same page or individually. It’s also very relaxing and inspiring, choosing colours and expressing your creativity through their use.

7. Enjoy sensory play

Whether water, sand, bubbles or slime, there is lots of fun to be had with sensory play. It encourages creativity as it’s a brilliant way to inspire imaginative play. My daughter loves getting her toys covered in slime and washing them all clean.

8. Repurpose a box

In lockdown we’ve all had a lot more deliveries in cardboard boxes! Before recycling them, try reusing them for something fun. Make a fort, a castle, a toy for your pet, or anything else that your creative mind comes up with.

9. Paint a picture

Let your creativity flow by painting a picture. Children generally love making a mess and you can enjoy some family time together.

10. Share stories

Creating and telling each other stories can be really good fun. If you need some ideas to get started, think about something you have seen that day, or make up a story about a favourite toy or activity. Creating stories and sharing them out loud is great for developing imaginations.


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